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How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast At Home? Easy Methods To Cure!

Stop Tooth Pain Fast At Home

Tooth pain is a really worse situation. Every individual will pass through this situation once in their life. It can be a sharp pain that you got while biting your food, a constant pulsating pain that is very severe, and you may feel pain while biting something too.

Sensitivity to hot and cold food items and pain in the back part of the mouth is considered to be tooth pain. There can be several reasons for tooth pain.

Gum diseases, cavities, infection, and inflammation are the most common reasons. We usually get panic when a situation arises. Here are a few tips that help you fight against tooth pain when you pr or your loved ones are struggling.

Stop Tooth Pain Fast At Home – What Do You Do When Your Tooth Hurts?

Tooth pain can be chronic and we naturally get panic when we or our loved ones are struggling with it. It is obvious that it is a major pain and very difficult to manage.

Stop Tooth Pain

We normally think about a dentist when the tooth is paining. If you are not in a position to get the doctor right away or while you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment it is good to think about some home remedies that are effective. There are so many tricks and tactics people following for years to reduce tooth pain. 

First of all, you have to find the root cause of your tooth pain and examine other symptoms. there can be other symptoms like swelling or bleeding along with the pain. Finding the reason for the pain to get started is important as you can convey it to your doctor too. 

No remedies can stop you consulting from a dentist as the remedies can also relieve pain for the instance. Still, you have to treat the root cause.

🛑If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under treatment, not suggested to rush with the intake of some herbal medicines as they may worsen the situation. It is obvious that you talk to your dentist about your situation.

Is There A Quick Way To Relieve Tooth Pain At Home? 

Tooth pain is a real crisis situation. We cannot be patient with tooth pain. We will be not in a position to wait in front of the dentist’s office until we get our turn with severe tooth pain. There are thousands of home remedies or tricks for quick tooth pin relief popular among us. Ask your nanny, she will come up with a lot of herbal and non-herbal solutions. Here, there are a few methods for the quick relief of tooth pain. These remedies are helpful until you reach your doctor. 

👉Saltwater rinse: Saltwater rinse is a universally accepted solution that we all choose for quick tooth pain relief. Saltwater is natural. Saltwater works against tooth pain. It reduces inflammation and helps heal any wound that is present in the mouth. 

👉An ice pack or cold compress: An ice pack or cold compress can be used for relieving any pain including severe tooth pain. If you don’t have ready to use ice pack with you, it is convenient to use an ice cube covered in cotton, or a towel. A cold compress constricts the blood vessels in the affected area and it helps in relieving pain. 

👉Hydrogen peroxide: Washing your mouth or rinsing with hydrogen peroxide is also helpful as salt water as it kills pain-causing germs. It relieves inflammation too. Doctors suggest hydrogen peroxide for bleeding gums too. Hydrogen is not safe for children as there is a risk of children swallowing it. 

👉Garlic: The tooth pain-relieving quality of garlic is accepted for thousands of years. They are one of the main ingredients of traditional medicine. It is the anti-bacterial properties of garlic that works against tooth pain. 

👉Vanilla extract: Vanilla extract is a proven anti-oxidant. It can cause pain relief as it contains alcohol. Vanilla extract can provide us with healing effects only if we are using the original and natural ones. There are many imitations available in the market and they won’t work for tooth pain. 

👉Clove: The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities of cloves have been used for quick tooth pain relief for years. The clove oil can be used to make mouthwash also. A few drops of clove in a glass of water can be a good mouthwash. 

👉Anti-inflammatory medicine: Anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen are best for relieving tooth pain. Even doctors suggest ibuprofen for severe tooth pain. It is observed that over-the-counter medicines for pain relief like paracetamol won’t work for tooth pain. The medicine that you consume should have anti-inflammatory qualities. 

👉Hot pack: Applying a hot pack to the affected area can also constrict the blood vessels surrounding by it and reduce teeth pain. Rising with hot water helps to fight against germs too. A hot pack or hot water won’t be useful if you are a sensitive tooth.

Should You Consult A Dentist Or Do A Self-Treatment?

The severity of pain, other symptoms, and how many hours it lasts are the criteria to decide the need to consult a doctor.

Consult A Dentist

If the tooth pain is severe with serious symptoms with breathing difficulty or fainting you cannot for a day. You have to rush to your doctor for getting it treated. You can try over-the-counter medicines or home remedies to relaxed until you reach the hospital. 

When Do You Need Emergency Treatment?

Tooth pain is not the same always. The intensity of pain may vary according to the root cause. You need not get worried about paining sensation.

Think about a medical intervention only if the pain is lasting for more than two days. If your pain is accompanied by any other symptoms, you can prefer to consult a doctor. Until you meet your doctor you can rely on home remedies and over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen.

Even though they are not a solution for the cause of your pain, these remedies can keep you good for a particular time period. If the cause is serious, you cannot avoid visiting a doctor as the pain is going to chase you for many days. 

If you carry the pain without taking medicines or following a treatment plan, these conditions may lead to gum diseases and tooth decay. Here are a few symptoms and their causes that may accompany your tooth pain and make it complicated. 

  • If you have a fever along with tooth pain, you should immediately get your doctor’s advice as it can be an indication of infection or inflammation in any part of your head. 
  • If you are struggling to breathe while you have a toothache, it is high time to consult a doctor. Untreated tooth pain may cause breathing difficulty and inability to swallow. It shows that the infection is spreading. It can be even mortal as the infection or swelling may block your airway passage. 
  • A Long-lasting pain for more than two days indicates infection and it needs to be treated.
  • Swollen gums are the symptoms of gum disease like Gingivitis or an infection. Malnutrition also causes swollen gums, especially in children. 
  • Cavity, alignment with the jaw, tooth injury, gum infection, recessed gums, and sinus infection can cause pain while you bite something. It is advised to consult a doctor in such a situation. 
  • The color change of the gum is also not a good sign. Red-colored gum and tooth pain can be the symptoms of gym infections and need to be treated. 
  • Discharging of foul-tasting pus is shown as a severe infection. 

Prevention is always important. If you notice any of these symptoms accompanying your tooth pain, consult your doctor immediately.

Are There Any Preventive Measures To Take Before Tooth Pain Starts?

Prevention is better than cure. Tooth pain is a condition that can be avoided easily if you are a little careful. There are a few things that should be part of the routine to keep up good tooth health. These are the things we need to train our kids too.

Tooth pains cannot be neglected always they can spread the infection to other body parts. Most of the time, toothaches are the result of tooth decay. We should follow these things to make our tooth healthy and keep the dentist away from us. 

  • Brush twice a day. 
  • See that you are brushing for a minimum of 2 minutes.
  • Prefer fluoride toothpaste, preferably medical products to brush your teeth. 
  • See that your tooth and mouth is free of food particle after each meal or snack. 
  • Get your teeth cleaned up twice a year. See that you are approaching a professional person. 


It is always not possible to see a dentist the moment tooth pain is developed. It is necessary to know a few tips for fast relieving tooth pain.

Tooth pain is not a serious health condition that affects your life until it is accompanied by breathing difficulty. It is necessary to follow teeth hygiene to stay away from pain. Make tooth hygiene part of your life. It is important to create awareness in our children too. 


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Dr. Edward Zelman

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